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Carlos Mota
2 min readOct 11, 2022
Image from droidcon Italy 2022

I’ve had a fantastic time at #droidconitaly22. It’s truly great to be back at in-person events, to be able to see old friends and meet new ones, while learning new, exciting things along the way.

This article is exactly this part of the conference: a list of all the talks along with the links to the presentations. Trust me, they are all worth seeing.

Note: if you’ve found slides that are not here, please add them in the comments, that I’ll update this post.


The Opportunity for Android Developers with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
- Laurence Moroney

The Adventures of Kotlin and Compose Through the Multiplatform World
- Carlos Mota

Re-Compose your UI: Building an Atomic Design Library
- Tatiana Irene & Giuseppe Scabellone

Forging the Path From Monolith to Multi-Module App
- Marco Gomiero

Cracking Kotlin Coroutines
- Bob Dahlberg

Treasure.map(): Functional Programming in Kotlin
- Karin-Aleksandra Monoid

Parallel Testing of Android UI on a Large Scale
- Moataz Nabil

Implementing a Splash Screen in Android: Full Guide
- Dean Djermanović

The Chat — an Unexpected Journey
- Francesco Stranieri

Let the IDE Do That for You
- Sebastiano Poggi

Cache Once and Use Everywhere
- Sinan Kozak

KMM Survival Guide: How to Tackle Everyday Struggles Between Kotlin and Swift
- Emanuele Papa

A Small Leak Can Sink a Great Ship
- Ayushi Gupta

Developing Wear OS Apps With Jetpack Compose
- Kenichi Kambara


10 Years of Android Development: The Retrospective
- Julien Salvi

The Future of Design is Still Personal: Reaching Toward True Adaptation
- Liam Spradlin

AOSP Customisation
- Effie Barak

Savoiardi Or Pavesini? Doing Things Right in Android Tiramisu
- Marco Zanetti & Aurora Vassallo

Bluetooth + Kotlin: It’s a Match!
- Samuele Perricone, Damiano Giusti, & Jacopo Usai

Accessibility With Compose: Experimentation & Live Coding
- Gerard Paligot & Fanny Demey

Creating Applications for Small Screen, Low Memory Android Wearables
- Daniel Neamtu

Android Enterprise: The Developer’s Missing Manual
- Pietro Maggi

Adopting Kotlin Multiplatform in Brownfield Applications
- Nate Ebel

Android App Security Fundamentals
- Andrea Cioccarelli

State of Android Testing in 2022
- Egor Andreevich

Go With the Flow!
- Lamberto Basti

When One Device Is Not Enough
- Daniele Bonaldo

Making Apps Adaptive With Material and Compose
- Gurupreet Singh

Thank you @droidconItaly for putting everything together. Excellent job, as always 🙂.



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