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Carlos Mota
6 min readJul 25, 2023
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Twitter is a great tool for a lot of things — for instance, if you missed a conference, speakers usually share their slides, which allows you to have a sneak peek of its content. You’re also going to see your timeline flooded with pictures of your friends getting together, ice cream, and snippets of the talks that they attended.

This is highly going to contribute to the FOMO that you were already feeling.

This happened at droidcon Berlin 2023, where I got a glimpse of this great event through 255 characters and the pictures that were shared.

I ended up looking for the slides of a couple of talks and then realized that, once again, this could be a place to get all of the, together. Well, here they are.

Day 1

  • Kotlin and the Multiplaform Future (by Hadi Hariri)
  • Exploration of Touch & Input in Jetpack Compose (by Jolanda Verhoef)
  • Effortless Notifications and Permissions with Kotlin-friendly APIs (by Louis CAD)
  • Crash Course in building your First Gradle Plugin (by Iury Souza)
  • Dancing with Elephants: Gradle Tips and Tricks (by Marc Reichelt)
  • Redundancy Driven Development — Navigating disruptive codebase changes. (by Fabian Shallari)
  • Beyond Code: Building trust in multinational and (not only) remote teams (by Paulina Strychacz)
  • Chaining Jetpack Compose modifiers beyond intuition (by Meike Felicia Hammer)
  • Clean Code Base: Harnessing the Power of Android Lint and Custom Rules (by Sinan Kozak)
  • Ensuring code-correctness with custom lint checks (by Shivam Verma)
  • I have a Date (by Renaud Mathieu)
  • The Layout Animations Show (by Nicole Terc)
  • Our ongoing journey from REST to GraphQL on Android (by Julien Salvi)
  • Android App Performance in a Nutshell (by Ben Weiss)
  • Best practices for shielding mobile apps from emerging threats (by Caner Kaya)
  • RotaryController: the other way of interacting with an Android system (by Taha Malas)
  • Super fast Jetpack Compose with Relay (by Mustafa Khaled)
  • Kotlin variance modifiers and Covariant Object Nothing pattern. (by Marcin Moskala)
  • Deep dive into size configuration changes (by Roberto Orgiu)
  • Challenges and Pitfalls of Creating a Telephony App (by Julian Bokelmann)
  • Into Automotive Design Systems @ BMW (by Mario Urbina and Michael Ehrmann)
  • The GPT-ification of Mobile App Testing (by Syed Hamid)
  • Think outside the server (by Anton Baranenko)
  • Use Chucker to Catch ’Em All (by Nicola Corti)
  • Virtualization — convenience or a threat? (by Egidijus Lileika)
  • ZeBadge: The community badge — what? (by Mario Bodemann and Milos Marinkovic)
  • Improving LazyColumn performance (by Andrei Shikov)
  • How to stop the ‘Gradle Snatchers’: Securing your builds from baddies (by Ed Holloway-George)
  • Meta-programming with Kotlin compiler plugins (by Tadeas Kriz)
  • App-etite for Destruction: a look into the cookbook of an attacker (by Ingmar Dasseville)
  • The joys and challenges of building a paywall with BillingClient 5 (by Greenie Cheng and Deema AlShamaa)
  • Writing an Open API Parser (Mario Bodemann)
  • Compile Kotlin faster with ABI (by Sergei Rybalkin)
  • My Journey: Adding Baseline Profiles to a Production-Based Android App: Success or Failure? (by Ahmed Tikiwa)
  • Mastering Screenshot Testing Libraries for Android: A Hands-On Workshop (by Sergio Sastre Flórez)
  • The Rise and Fall of Feature Teams (by Danny Preussler)
  • Inject your Jetpack Compose Application with Koin (by Arnaud Giuliani)
  • Adopting Jetpack Compose Safely (by Marco Gomiero and Instván Juhos)
  • Lincheck: Testing Concurrent Algorithms on JVM (by Nikita Koval)
  • Custom Launcher — Why and How do I build one? (by Viktor Mukha)

Day 2

Day 3

Hope to see everyone at next year's edition of droidcon Berlin!



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