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Carlos Mota
5 min readOct 27, 2021
Image from droidcon Berlin 2021

I’ve had a fantastic week at #dcbln21. I couldn’t ask for a better event for us to be once again together. I’ve had the opportunity to meet numerous people in person and remember how good it feels to talk to a live audience.

Now that I’m back to reality, I wanted to check a couple of slides from talks that I’ve watched and as I was bookmarking them, I’ve decided to go that extra mile and try to gather them in a single post.

Note: if you’ve found slides that are not here, please add them in the comments, that I’ll update this post.




  • A Comedy Talk
    - Chet Haase
  • The shape of media regulation to come
    - Hans-Christian Woger
    - Philipp Sümmermann
  • Migrating a large-scale banking app to Compose
    - Fatih Giriş
  • Enhance your single screen designed-app to make it shine on foldable devices
    - Cesar Valiente
    - Cristian Verdes
  • A-Z of Kotlin Flow
    - Monika Kumar Jethani
  • Agile hardware development (as an Android dev)
    - Falko Richter
  • Twitter driven development and the mythical 10x developer
    - Abdurahman Adilovic
  • Climate Crisis: Can we as developers save the planet? (panel)
    - Jörn Ehmann
    - Fred Porciúncula
    - Max Schulze
    - Juhani Lehtimäki
  • Kotlin’s companion: The power of IntelliJ IDEA
    - Marc Reichelt
  • A Composable New World!
    - Carlos Mota
  • That’s how we scroll in Flutter
    - Krzysztof Krasiński-Sroka
    - Jan Stępień
    - Artur Płaczek
  • The future of work is TBD (panel)
    - Tautvydas Leonavičius
    - Miriam Busch
    - Erik Hellman
  • Accessibility Matters
    - Aleksandar Ninevski
  • How to ask permission, the clean way
    - Ronaldo Pace
  • Building a books app with Jetpack Compose and Firebase
    - Rosário Pereira Fernandes
  • What they don’t tell you about feature toggles
    - Ivan Damjanović
  • Migrating your app to compose, step 1, live coding
    - Richard Schattauer
  • Engage with Firebase: How to make users to actually use your app
    - Santiago Martínez
  • Standby Buckets in Android
    - Mathias Wegener
  • Introducing Kotlin Multiplatform in an existing project
    - Marco Gomiero

Thank you @droidconBerlin for putting everything together. Excellent job, as always 🙂.



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